Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We had a visit with our s/w yesterday and guess what!!! We'll be able to sign the adoptive placement paperwork within a few weeks!!!!!! I'm so excited! Finally, the process for adoption is officially rolling. We should be able to finalize by December, latest. I can't believe it. Time has gone by so fast. Our s/w and the kiddos' CPS worker in San Antonio are just the best. They have been great every step of the way and I cannot thank them enough. It feels good that someone is out there lobbying and fighting for us and our kids. They even waived the six month waiting period (or we wouldv'e had to wait until November to sign these papers.)
In some ways, it feels as though our family has been together forever. But in others, it feels like it was just a little bit ago that Bobby and I were so devastated and having a hard time starting our family. God has been so giving to us. I don't know if I'll ever get over the pain I went through, but I know that we have been given some incredible incredible gifts. My tears have become those of joy. My aches and pains have become those of having carried a two year old around all day while also working with my other children. My fears now revolve around taking care of them, instead of wondering what the future will hold. My life has more focus, more joy, more laughter than I ever thought possible.

Is our family complete?
I don't think so.
Will we adopt again?
We don't know. But one thing is for sure. We are definitly fulfilled.

Thursday, September 07, 2006


Strange things are a foot.....tell you more later....

The kids are doing great! Staci may be getting ready to poop in the potty. She tells us "potty" now when she's gone in her pull up. Cross your fingers!

Jon is a mixture of Superman, Spiderman, the Flash, and Bob the Builder right now. Oh and Darkwing Duck! It's kind of hard to keep up with who he's supposed to be at any given moment!

Destiny is officially reading!!!!!
It's like reading that first sentence opened a door in her mind! She's getting it now. We read four "ready to read" books from Barnes and Noble last night. By the last book, she had learned about 3 more sight words and was reading almost complete sentences with a little help using phonics from me! I'm definitly doing a happy dance here! She even got excited when we read the word "cup". Mommy! That sounds like up!!!! Look (covers the "c") it's up! I almost peed my pants.
She's learning to come to me when she needs something. Especially when it's an emotional need. That was hard for her. She got in trouble for lying the other day and after our talk, I looked into her eyes and said "I love you" four times. I think this may have helped.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The dog is here.

The dog is here.

The four most beautiful words in the world.

Destiny read her very first sentence today and this was it.
The dog is here.
I'm still crying.

She went an entire year not learning one sight word and not knowing how sound out words. But now, things are different. She has a daddy and a mommy. She is getting more and more comfortable. She is stable. She is learning!

She is ablsolutely wonderful.
This was quite a large sentence for her first one, but she did it.
She can do anything. She's my super hero.
She told me right after she read it, "Mommy! I'm becoming a princess!"
No baby, you already are a princess. 100% princess.

And I am so very proud of you.

Beautiful girl with all the curls
Darling of our lives
Taken from the breath of God
And left to my design

I don't know why you chose me
But I know where we've been
And I promise you
with all my heart

I've loved you...

since before I knew about you
since before you came home
since before you could even dare to dream and hope

And I'll love you
for all time.