Sunday, March 26, 2006

Craving Satisfied!

I got to go the kids this weekend! We spent TWO great days together! I'm sorry that Bobby couldn't go, but at least one of us got to be there. John is now holding my hand, Stacey giggles when I smile at her, and Destiny is just a joy to be around, out going and rambunctious! I'm hoping to get more news on when they might be home this week. We're really praying that criminal background check through. My realtor told me she had a bit of a problem with it as well, but it only took a few days to figure out. I brought home some of their toys and things with my in faith that they won't miss them for long.
My mom told me today that she's planning to have a "Cowboy Camp" with the kids at her house. They're going to set up a tent and spend the night outside, roast marshmellows and hot dogs, and be cowboys and cowgirls. She's already decided which horse will be there's! She has an old mare who she uses for kids that they will start on and she'll be training Starbuck, the kids' horse, while they get used to riding. Of course it won't happen for a while. They'll have to get used to the horses and learn safety stuff first. But oh how fun! Here's to getting a placement date soon!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

We're praying with you! Love Ray, Diane, and Jr.

Jose & Patti said...

Hi kiddo. I know it seems so long. Take it from an old pro, the day is coming when you can't even remember what life was like before they came into your hearts. They are on their way, and God is keeping an eye on them for you.