Tuesday, November 18, 2008

10 more days!

In just ten days, Bob will be coming home! Granted he has to leave after only three days, but then he'll be home for good in December! This whole experience has been so strange for me. Never did I ever think that I would be able to make it as a military wife. Never. I'm not that strong. I swear I'm not. But here we sit, the house isn't totally destroyed, the kids are alive and well, and I'm ok. I think.

Now needless to say, I have had my moments! Those times when you run to your room, shut the door and tell the kids, "Mommy needs a timeout!!" And then proceed to cry your eyes out from exhaustion and lonliness. Yeah. Those times were hard. You know that the kids know you've been crying but your supposed to be the strong one. Ouch man. Seriously. But I think those are the times when you band together as a family and say, "We can do this."

So here's the game plan: Bob's flight comes in on Thanksgiving morning. My mom will come to the house to help us cook and get ready, and then the kids and I, all dressed up, will go to the airport and give him a hero's welcome! I'm going to make a banner that says, "Welcome Home Soldier Medic!" and hang it in the house. So that day will be all giggles and smiles and food! And then on Friday, after we put up the Christmas decorations, he and I will go on a date. He's taking me to see "Twilight!" I'm so excited! I'm sure we'll also have dinner too. Saturday will be spent hanging out at home, loving the kids. And then I will take him to the airport Sunday for his flight back to Ft Sam Houston. And then we will wait for him to come home just 2 short weeks later. Thank goodness this time apart has gone by so fast. We both needed it too. But I can say I'm so proud of him for doing this. He's gone all the way and he's such a different person now. Aside from losing near 70 pounds, he's more motivated than ever before and has a new game plan for his life. He's even learned how to say no to me, bummer!

As for me, I'm ok. I've been on Lupron for 3 months now and Dr G is in shock that I've had virtually no side effects. WOO HOO! He also told me that if we decided to go through with Dr N's plan, he feels that it is possible I won't get hyperemesis again. But we'll see. We have to get Bob home and reoriented first before we can even begin to decide. But, if Dr N has his way, I'll be knocked up within 6 months of Bob coming home!

The kids are great. Luke has a bit of a cold, but nothing major. It just makes him a cranky bug. But mommy loves him through it!

oh and I've decided to try my hand at making white fudge...wish me luck!

Monday, November 03, 2008

Why're the spoons gone?

Ok, so you know in Pirates of the Carribean, when Jack and what's her name (Kiera Knightly) are stranded on that island and Jack realizes the rum is gone? So he keeps saying "Why's the rum gone?" I've got a new saying now that follows that lead: "Why're the spoons gone?"

Spoons disappear in my house. I kid you not. I've had to buy new spoons twice now and I recently discovered that they're gone agian. I get the feeling one of my darling children is throwing them away but can never catch it happening and no one will admit it. So I go to get cereal for them this morning and, lo and behold, I only have like 3 spoons in my house. "WHY"RE THE SPOONS GONE?"

Maybe I should switch to rum...

Sunday, November 02, 2008

If I knew then what I know now...

Hello all! Here's a quick update before I get to my thought of the day.

Luke: We are now wearing size 2t! He's 18 months old and doing great. He's beginning to talk a little more and finally has a full head of curly hair!

Staci: She is testing bounderies and moving from toddlerhood the childhood. I can't believe in just a few months she's going to be five. Poor thing is in a hard place. She still wants to be a baby, but at the same time being a big girl is so cool. LOL She told me the other day that she's going to be my baby girl forever. Oh I hope so!!

Jon: Can you believe my once quiet, shy little man is growing into a strong leader? I think we did the right thing giving him another kindergarden year. His teachers have nothing but great things to say about him, including the fact that he helps keep the other students in line!

Destiny: In bed right now with the stomach flu. My poor monkey started throwing up last night. She seems to be feeling better, but I'm leary about giving her food right now. Otherwise, she's great. She seems to be making some great strides right now. Beginning to like herself for who she is and not look to be liked by others. This is a big thing for me.

Bobby: He took his last paper test this week! He's almost finished. ONly five more weeks until he is home! (ok ok more like 5 1/2) OH and he's coming home for thanksgiving. We booked his flights last week.

Me: Bob is almost home. Enough said.

Have you ever wondered if things would have gone differently if you were wiser when you were younger? For example: When Bob and I were doing fertility treatments, I never really researched things. I didn't look into herbs or anything. Would that have made the difference? There are so many out there that help. Like Vitex and Chaste berry. And they have been used for centuries, so they must work. And with the hyperemesis. Why didn't I try red rasberry leaf tea? Would that have helped? I'm even wondering why I didn't use cloth diapers. Wouldn't it have been less expensive and better for the environment?

And here's the kicker: As a mom, and I hope it's normal, I find myself very tired and aggitated sometimes. It's not that it's too much. No. I get time to rest and the kids are wonderful. I think it's just the normal mom stuff. But as it comes, the aggitation, I tend to get snippy with the kids. I snap and find myself being cranky with them. Why? It's nothing they have done. And then I look back on it later and wonder why the fuss? It's not a big deal. If luke spills staci's drink because she left it on the table and not the counter, is spilled juice worth crying over? I should think not.

What if we could, like Merlin, live backwards? Would we really be wiser and happier? Or would things turn out totally different? I happen to be very happy with my life. I'm neither wealthy nor poor, I have my children, my job, my husband. There's nothing wrong with that.

So I digress knowing that I'll continue to make mistakes and hopefully learn from them. Maybe one day wisdom will show up on my doorstep. If not, i'm sure the kids will find perfectly good hiding places for those times when mommy just isn't herself....