Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Uber baby cuteness....

My house is full/busy/loud!!!

So we are moving. Our house is completely too small for us now. So we are full of boxes and messes and our house is torn up! Add three growing children suffering from Spring Fever and an infant and you get quite a mess. I smell like spit up and food. My hair is flat and ugly. My legs are hairy. And I've never been this tired...ever.


So We are all doing great. Destiny's last day of school is tomorrow. She is so excited and proud of herself. We're having a barbeque to celebrate her graduation from kindergarten this weekend. She is becoming quite the little princess.
Jon is absolutly in love with Luke. He says they are best friends and kisses him all the time.
Staci is in her torrid threes. She's figuring out what the world is like when you are not the baby of the family.
Luke is great! He still loves the night life (so tired. so so tired. seriously, I'm exhausted.)

Bob should be enlisted in the national guard next week. He's really excited. It'll be hard while he's in boot camp. But I'll be living with family until he gets back so I won't be doing the mom thing alone. This fall, we move into a much bigger house (yahoo!)

So I promised some funnies from the hospital a while ago. Here's a good one.

After I went into preterm labor, I was put on terbutaline and magnesium sulfate while in the hospital. I was also sedated for a while to help relax me. Once I woke up, the labor had stopped and I was taken off the meds and the catheter was pulled out. I was gooey and gross so I decided to take a shower. Now, after all those meds, I could barely stand on my own, so Bob helped me get into the shower and get washed. A few hours later, as I was relaxing on my own, my CNA comes in. She's an older lady with a thick spanish accent...

CNA: Now you just remember....NO SEX!
ME: Yeah, I know. Don't worry.
CNA: I heard you in the shower. Your husband was with you. YOU TELL HIM TO LEAVE YOU ALONE!
ME: OH! But he was just helping me shower!
CNA: DOn't you let him bother you! You have to rest!
And what else could I say?
ME: DOn't worry, I'll tell him!


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Rachel said...

That was really bold of the nurse. Wow!