Monday, January 15, 2007

24 weeks!

Well, we're just about to hit 24 weeks!!!! I hate to sound morbid, but I love that I'm getting so far along. If something were to go wrong and I'd have to give birth, Luke has a much better chance at surviving and thriving.

I have my next doctor's appointment in 2 weeks and then another ultrasound in 4. He tends to make me nervous since he's not a big mover and shaker. I'm hoping this means he'll be a calm baby...

I had a bit of a relapse this weekend. Got real sick with tons of vomiting. I seem to be feeling better now. Poor Luke got quite upset during the vomiting episodes. I have to say it was a strange feeling to be throwing up and feeling Luke move around at the same time.

We've finally started collecting baby stuff. I was so scared for so long that I refused to buy anything for him. We now have some clothes, a bouncer, and his basinet! I love laying down on the couch staring at it. I still can't believe we're collecting baby stuff! I never thought I would see this day. Even when I got the positive pregnancy test, I just didn't think it would last. But my Mom did. She told me right away that this baby was meant to be and that he would be fine. She even knew, from the first time she saw me pregnant, that it was a boy. She could tell. My mom can always tell with me. And now I'm starting to believe her. I'm starting to believe that in a few months, I'll bring home a healthy baby boy.

On the adoption front, we got all our paper work into the attorney's office. We've had to put it off for so long due to the illness, but now we're full speed ahead! We're just waiting for the court date now...hopefully it won't take too long. I can't wait to get this whole thing done and over with. I'll be so happy when we're done building our family and can start living!

Well, not much more to say...except I'm going to try doing prenatal yoga today....wish me luck! Bobby's gonna watch and laugh.


mandolyn said...

Happy 24 weeks! It's such a weird thing, getting comfortable buying and collecting baby stuff. We got several things for Baby for Christmas and finally decided that it was ok to buy something once we found out last week that we're having a girl. It's still completely surreal, though.

Hope you're feeling better!

Alyson & Ford said...

Congratulations, I know how important it is to keep each special week as a measure of progress and future health of you and the baby. Take care of yourself!