Friday, December 19, 2008

Year in Review

Welp, it's been quite a year! There have been so many struggles, trials, and triumphs this year! I'll do my best to keep it as brief as possible...

The beginning of 2008 was, for the first time in a long while, uneventful. Nothing new was looming on the horizon. There were no new adventures to be seen. Just the usual. Bob was in school and working. I was working. The kids were growing. In April, Luke celebrated his first birthday. In May, Destiny and Staci turned 8 and 4 respectivly. And then, we made a huge decision. Bob decided to go to Basic Training and AIT instead of waiting for ROTC training only. He left on June 4 and was gone until December 11. For six months, I was a single, working mommy. And man was it hard. But I was quite surprised at how well the children handled it. They are such strong little beings. We cried for a few days and then, as if by magic somehow, the kids healed up and moved on. They would talk about Daddy. They would ask when he was coming home. But they also stepped up to the plate and did their thing. Destiny continued being my "little mama." She helped me so much. I'm very convinced that this child has a calling in working with small children.
Jon played football this year and he loved it. I had a blast watching him run the wrong way on the feild (on several occasions) and joking around with his team mates. I swear his smile can light up the entire field (or maybe I'm just biased!)
Staci and Dee both tried ballet...and both decided it wasnt' for them (HA!) Dee is now taking violin and loving it. She had her first concert this week.
Luke is now talking up a storm. His favorite word at the moment is "ball." He loves playing with balls! Footballs, basketballs, it doesn't matter. He is such a little doll and the light of all our lives. Teresa was commenting the other day on how she noticed that Luke was the catalyst that set off healing for many members of our family. Jon, the boy who never showed emotion or feelings is now, in part due to Luke's arrival, loving on everyone...Destiny who wasn't shown true love and adoration in the first few years of her life, is now better at taking care of kids then I am! And Staci now has a buddy to play with and doesn't feel left out. And of course, Bob and I are continuing to heal from the years of pain and suffering through the infertility.
You wouldn't believe how different Bob is. The man lost near 70 pounds in a year. He's now an incredibly physically fit person and is working on a new goal: to get a commission as an officer in the Army and take on an active Army position. This should happen in the next 2-3 years. He will complete his degree and recieve ROTC training. He is very proud of himself (as are we!)
I also find myself very happy and proud. I can't believe I survived 6 months as a single mommy. While Bob was gone, I went through surgery to remove more endo, began Lupron treatments, got Dee through a very tough time (thank you counseling) and supported my husband through the toughest time in his life. Yay! Now on to making one of the hardest decisions I ever have: when is the hysterectomy? I have been told by both my doctors (the RE and OB/GYN that this surgery is in my near future.) The biggest question is whether or not we will try for one more baby....That is still a part of the unknown...

So on we go into another new year and new adventure! I hope that everyone is doing well. Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. We think of you often and miss you. Much love!

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