Sunday, July 30, 2006

Monday's Checklist

Okay, so here's my checklist for Monday:

Go to school district head office to get approval for Jon to enter preschool.

Call CPS to find out of approval for child care services funds
While on phone with CPS, find out if I have to fly to San Antonio this week to read case files or if they will send them to us and save me a trip (cross fingers.)

Call our SW to find our about develpmental check-ups and psychological eval results.

Go home and eat lunch, have quiet time.

During quiet time, clean house.

2:40 vision and hearing check-ups for all three kids.

??? Go home and scrounge something up for dinner.

Clean again.


Bathe children.

(have I hugged them yet today??)

Read to kids.


Watch some of my Star Trek the Next Generation DVD's from the fifth season
(an I love you present from my wonderful honey who understands my need for this.)

Take lunesta to get myself to sleep.

Try not to twitch tonight.

Start all over.

Have I mentioned how much I love being a mom?


1 comment:

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