Wednesday, March 07, 2007

63 Days and Counting!

Hit 31 weeks today. I can't believe it's getting so close. I have had a nice relapse back into Hyperemesis, but as long as I am dilegent about my meds, I can control it. I just can't wait to hold Luke for the first time. I'm starting to discover that he gets very still and quiet on days he has growth I don't freak out as much as I used to when I don't feel him squirm around for a while. I've only had some Braxton Hicks contractions (not too bad so far.) No signs of a premie birth! Yahoo.

We have an ARD for Jon on Friday. The school is going to have to explain to me why it is that he did not qualify for speech therapy. It may be a bit of an ugly one...

Staci's been holding onto a fever the past 4 days or so. She's got a nice viral infection, so we're just trying to wait it out and keep her on motrin and tylenol for the fever. She's not eating very well...but I'm sure she'll catch up when she's feeling better.

Destiny is still learning to control her emotions. She had a tantrum at school yesterday. She was playing T-ball at p.e. and when she missed the ball, threw the bat as hard as she could and started screaming and crying. So we had a talk about being a good sport and just trying again. We may have issues with her controlling her temper.....all normal considering what she's been through.

Bobby is looking at some serious life changes in the next few months. He may be joining the National Guard this summer (Hooah) I'm really excited for him. It may be hard to have him gone on basic training (and then officers school) but it'll be worth it. He's also decided (once he's comfortably in the guard) to go back to school. He wants to teach and coach football. I love that he's got new dreams.

He decided to do this because he's discovered over the past few months the sacrifice it takes to be a manager in retail. Never being home, not being able to go to my doctor's appointments, not seeing the kids, and working 11 hours a day is hard...I can't wait to see him reaching for his new goals.

I love a good adventure (in case you can't tell!)


truthseeker90 said...

I am soooo excited for you, Miss Ivy! Im rooting for you and Mr. Bobby! You guys are awesome and are such an inspiration!

Bobby and Ivy said...

Thanks babe! You're a hero of mine too! You're living life the way it should and I'm so proud of you.

Ryan said...

WOW!!! Can you believe that you're almost done with the pregnancy??? WOOO-HOOO!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!