Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Well, Crap.

Been having a hard time getting onto blogger....

So things were going really well last time I posted...and then I realized I had spoken way too soon.
At 31 weeks, 3 days, I went into preterm labor. I woke up that morning (a Sunday) and just didn't feel right. I wasn't in any pain, but was having what I thought were braxton hicks contractions. After about an hour and a quart of water, my doctor told me to go on in to labor and delivery. By the time I got there, I was 50% effaced and dialated 1 centimenter. After two shots of terbutaline that didn't work, I was admitted. Two more shots of terb later, it was decided that I needed to be on magnesium sulfate. Monday morning, I was put on the mag IV and got a beautiful catheter (to keep me from moving much as this stuff can do funky things to you.) After 24 hours, my labor had stalled, so I was able to get off the mag and back on the terb. Contractions came back a little Tuesday evening, so I was sedated (to help relax me and the contractions.) Mid day on Wednesday, I was sent home with a prescription for terbutaline and a mild sedative for when things get ugly. And of bed rest. By Thursday night, the contractions were five minutes apart, so my dose of terb was upped. However, my heartrate decided to stay at 140 for a couple of days. I went back in to L & D to check on Luke as the meds were making him feel like crap too Sunday ( one week from when the whole ordeal started.) I was taken off the terb and put on magnesium oxide.
Last Friday morning, I lost part of my mucous plug. My doctor had told me to call if this happened as it could be a sign of further dialation, so I did. I'm told by the nurse to RUN to L & D. I get there and the nurse treated me like sh**. She didn't understand why I was there as I wasn't even really contracting. Come to find out, the nurse at the doctors office had told him I was BLEEDING. (smacks hand on forehead)
WELL...while we are there, I start contracting. HEAVILY. The nurse freaks out and gives me a shot of the terb. (my body just laughs at this point) An hour later, contractions are yet again 5 minutes apart. Another shot.
After 6 freaking hours there, I'm finally sent home with orders to take BOTH magnesium oxide and terbutaline. (those sedatives are becoming my friend.)
I hit 34 weeks today. I also had a doctor's appointment today and it seems like all is well. What contractions I am having are not doing anything, Luke looks great. It's estimated that he weighs 6 pounds right now (holy cow.) I only have two more weeks of bedrest (thank God, I'm going crazy.) Then Luke can come whenever he wants.

I've got some funny stories to tell of family and nurses and hospital stays...but I'll get to those later. Luke is hungry and I've got a large tub of yogurt calling my name!
Hugs to all.

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