Thursday, March 01, 2007

Holy Cow, I need to post more often,,,,

So, it's been two weeks since we finalized our adoption. The kids are doing great and loving that they are now ours! Destiny has been testing us a know, "Let's see if you still love me when I do this!" Type of stuff, but it's not more than we can handle. She's such a doll and when she misbehaves, it's hard to not laugh it off. I love that kid!

We are now in week 30 of the pregnancy and all continues to go well. Luke moves a lot and I love to feel him squirm around. The kids have all gotten to feeel him move and they just giggle and laugh! Jon even kissed my belly! He's not one for showing emotion, so this was a big thing for him. I can't believe my due date is only 10 weeks away. I can't wait to hold our baby!

And now for my topic of choice today....and I know I'm going to tick some people off, so please remember this is my own opinion. I am not in any way questioning the idea, just the way it is being discussed...

Have you heard about the possible uterus transplant that a hospital in New York has in the works? I read an article about it and to be quite honest, it really ticked me off. They labeled the infertile woman as "defective." DEFECTIVE! As though we are a piece of equipment that needs to be replaced. (Now remember, I'm questioning this person's word choices, not ideas...)
So let's take a quick look at this. Your target audience is women who have struggled for a lifetime to reach the goal of having a baby. They have cried, screamed, mourned, and tortured their bodies to the point of extreme hurt and exhaustion so that they can be called defective. For someone working to "help" these women, you deserve a quick kick in the pants. How dare you take someone's pain and misery and then call them defective. How dare you make someone who already hurts and feels miserable and add to that. How dare you make someone feel even worse than they already do.

I find this as yet another way people who have never struggled infertility just don't get it. They just don't understand how it feels...and they don't educate themselves on the human aspect of it all. It sucks to know that it's your fault you can't make or keep a baby. I thought many times about how much I sucked because my body didn't perform the most human of all tasks...and then to read that someone has called fellow infertiles "defective' really ticks me off.

I really and truely hope and pray that someday, infertility will become something easier to treat. I hope that medical science can get to a place where a woman doesn't have to struggle for years and years to have a baby. I wait for the day when women don't break down in the bathroom after starting their periods. But I could never take treatments from someone who labeled me as this person did. I am not a machine. Educate yourselves people...that's the only way to reach a person hurting as much as the infertile does.

End of rant....


mandolyn said...

It's a valid rant. We feel bad enough about ourselves on our own without having professionals add such mechanical words like "defective" to our bodies. Yeah, we know. But thanks for the compassion.

Happy 30 weeks! I'm so glad that things are going so well for you right now!

Ryan said...

AHHH!! I can't believe that you're already 30 weeks!!! Crazy!! I'm SO glad that the adoption is finalized. That's WONDERFUL! I'm proud of you Ivy!!!