Friday, March 14, 2008

Jon + IHOP + LOVE!

We went to IHOP this evening for dinner. It was soo much fun! Jon ate his heart out. He had:

1 egg
2 pieces of bacon
2 pancakes with strawberrries and whipped cream

That was from his plate and lasted all of 3.5 minutes. So then he continued on eating off everyone else's plates:

4 pieces of sliced chicken
some tilapia
some shrimp
AND he drank 2 glasses of lemonade!!!!!

I hadn't finished eating yet and had a stuffed peice of french toast on the side waiting to be eaten. Jon is eyeing it and says, "If no one eats that, it's gonna go bad." LOL He's too funny. I have never seen him eat so much! I bet he's in for a major growth spurt!

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