Monday, March 10, 2008

Let's go to bed early...*wink*

We've all done it. Let's face it. The whole, "we're going to bed early" ploy. There's usually a *wink* involved. But I've discovered there are two types of people who do this: The parents and the non parents.

NonParents do this when they're newly married. And we all know what that *wink means* (If not, see any book entitled the Birds and the Bees)

Parents do this when, well, they need some extra sleep. The wink means nothing any more. We're tired. Very very tired. There will be no birds and no bees. Just some good, old fashioned shut eye. Heck, we wouldn't even mind those cute little twin beds from TV series of yesteryear. All we want is rest. Not even a good cuddle is necessary anymore.

One of my buddies has a blinkie that says, "I am mom. I am tired." Amen sister.

I also got Luke a t shirt today that says, "My parents are exhausted."


Well, time for me to give Bob the old *wink* I need a nap.

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