Friday, October 24, 2008

Away for a while...

Ok so maybe I need to find some time to take up writing again. I feel like I missed out on so much. But when you're a single mommy to 4 small kiddos with DH away with the military, time is a luxury! As of right now, we have about 7 weeks left until he comes home. I can't wait! The kids really miss their daddy. With any luck, time will fly by. At least he'll be home for Christmas.

As for the kids, they are doing beautifully. Destiny is in second grade and has excellent grades! Jon is out right now watch High School Musical 3 with friends. Staci and Luke are snuggled into bed. Staci has ballet in the morning. Jon is also playing flag football.

I'll try to continue with the blog as best I can! Seems so silly to have it and not use it! Am hoping to get in touch with my fellow bloggers again! I miss you ladies!

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