Wednesday, June 13, 2007

7 weeks and counting!

Luke turns 7 weeks old today. I can't believe it. He spent his first night out of the basinet and in his crib last night. He LOVED it! I was worried that he might get fussy, but nope! We also spent our first night back at my in-law's house last night. (more to come on that later...)

Luke is now chowing down five ounces per feeding! He has also started cooing and smiling! It's so cute when he smiles. He doesn't have complete control over his face yet, so his smile runs all over the place!! I'm really dreading the two month check up. How am I going to handle him getting shots? I can't stand the idea of it. He now weighs about 11 pounds. Holy guacamole!
Destiny is happy school is out (ha! I start homeschooling her for the summer next week!) She has changed so much. She's starting to turn into a little lady. I think I'll start teaching her how to cook....I think we can start making cakes together! Maybe even some simple entres.
Jon is getting tested at his school for kindergarten today. They like to see where each child stands academically before the year starts. I love the way his school works. They put the kids into reading groups, not just grades. This helps the kids get what they need even if they are a year or two ahead of their class.
Staci is still working on getting used to her new life. She's been testing bounderies a bit, but seems to be feeling better. It must be hard to go from being the baby to being big sister. I try to spend some time with her everyday, but with four kids it's very hard.

And now on to the life change of the week:
Our house will be on the market as of Monday. We are now living with my in-laws. Our house not only got too small, but the school district I work for sucks, so because I was so sick this school year, I basically lost my job and won't see any money until around October. We just can't afford our house right now. So we are selling it (hoping to make a little money to pay off our infertility/horrible pregnancy debt) and will be moving into my in-laws rental house in September when it opens up. So for now, to save money and sell the house, we have moved in with them. Yeah. It's hard. But my in-laws have been so gracious. It makes things a lot easier. The new house we're getting is twice the size of the other one and will have a playroom! I can't think of a theme to paint the playroom yet, but the boy's room will be jungle, the girls will have sunflowers, and their bathroom will be ocean themed. Too fun. I wonder if I could do a school house theme for the playroom......hmmmmm.

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