Thursday, August 03, 2006

Conversations during (yet another) thunderstorm

Scene: Destiny wakes me up at 1:30 am crying because her knee hurts, I give her some motrin and go back to bed. 10 minutes later, another large storm begins. Jon wakes up, comes into our room, and this is what happens.
Me: What's wrong, honey?
Jon: The storm tried to wake me up!
Me: Tried to wake you up? Yeah, that happens sometimes. Are you okay?
Jon: Yeah. Comes closer to my bed.
Me: Why don't you try to go back to sleep sweetheart.
Jon: *sigh*
Me: It's okay, babe. The rain, thunder, and lightning can't get in the house. We're safe, I promise. Try to go back to sleep.
Jon: But if I go back to sleep, the storm will just wake me up again.(How do you deal with a 4 year old that holds this kind logic?!)
Me: (thinking...thinking...thinking...) Well, it'll get quiet soon. (yes, that's all I could come up with!)
Jon: *sigh*
Me: Go back to bed, hon.
Jon: (moves closer to bed again...)
Me: Let's go back to sleep, okay?
Jon: (silence)
Me: 1....
Jon: (disapears faster than peanut butter during lunch)
That's it. My kids are smarter than me. Oh boy!

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