Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Okay, so now here comes mommy hood!

We're watching some kind of football thing on Saturday with my in-laws. The kiddos are playing around having a good time. Jon is having a hard time putting a strap on his baseball helmet, gets frustrated and says "DAMMIT!"
AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I think this in my mind, I don't think that came out of my mouth)
Now, knowing that he's four and this is a first for him, I (try to) stay calm and say, "Jon, that's an ugly word. You don't need to say that. Now go to time out." Since my in-laws are there, this becomes a huge production. Crocodile tears people. Crocodile tears.

Fast forward to Monday. I pick Jon and rush back to work in order to hold detention. He's having fun coloring and talking to me while I'm Breakfast Clubbing it with a bunch of teenagers. Jon pops up, in as loud a voice he can muster, "Mommy, I can't say Dammit!" Again with the AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH.
Now, I realize he wasn't saying it to say it, he was telling me he understood, so I don't get angry.

Me: No Jon, you can't say that word. It's ugly.
Jon: Only Daddy can say Dammit!!!!
Me: (he he he he he to self)
Jon: I can't say Dammit!

Remember, I'm holding detention and half the students are beginning to crack....
Me: Okay honey, don't say it anymore.
Jon: I can't say dammit.
Me: Honey, stop it (giggle)
Jon: Nope can't say..
Me: JON!

By now, all 20 students are eyeing me for my reaction and I"m almost rolling on the floor laughing at this point. It was too funny!
Now, before you think I'm a terrible parent, you have to know Jon. Repetition works for him. He thrives on it. This is how he learns. All he was doing was checking to make sure he had learned correctly. He wasn't doing it to push buttons or anything.

Staci is finally becoming a Daddy's girl.
She was sent to time out earlier today and began to drama. All of a sudden I hear, "I wan't Daddy!" Bobby was very thrilled to hear about this.

Fine. He knows the next baby we get will be a boy....just wait honey. Just wait. he he he he


AFC said...

LOL, too cute!

Gwen said...

That is pretty funny! I'm sure the teenagers had a real laugh!

I'm happy about the Daddy's girl!