Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Joys in my life.....

Here's a list of some of the joys in my life right now.

1. The last few days of summer vacation
2. The Tinkerbell back pack in my foyer
3. Diaper bags
4. Diapers and Pull-Ups
5. Having a laugh with my honey after the kids go to bed
6. Sleep
7. Tripping on toys
8. Picking up said toys that have been tripped on
9. Wrestling with kids
10. Listening to little baby burps
11. Retail therapy
12. Adoption papers
13. Sleep (did I mention how handy that comes in right now?)
14. Drying tearful eyes
15. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink to watch a movie late at night
16. Listening to the kids hum the Star Trek theme while I'm watching Next Gen. (I'm so proud!)
17. Arguing with Bob over who was a better captain, Kirk or Picard (we all know Picard was the best; though Kirk did get more action with the ladies!)
18. Watching Staci pick up Kix that fell to the floor during breakfast and eating them
19. Hearing Staci say a new word or phrase
20. Waiting for the next adventure of the day (which may include a certain 2 year old climbing a book case to the top, someone slamming into a wall because he couldn't stop running fast enough, or having to mend a cut because someone got to a kitchen knife. Okay that last one was me. Ya'll know I can't handle sharp instruments!)

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AFC said...

Hey Ivy, thanks for your kind words, it's always nice to hear from someone who knows and understands. I read your whole blog and I'd like to add you to my blogroll if thats ok. Your children are beautiful, congratulations! I can feel your elation coming through your posts and I'm so happy for you. I have about 10000000000 questions for you in regard to adoption, I didn't see your email address, mine is Again, thanks for your kind words, they really mean alot to me. - Anna